My life has changed forever

HI Everyone,

I finally have the energy to start sharing my journey with you.  First and foremost – this is most amazing , humbling, eye opening experience.  It has changed my life forever.. my real boobs are gone- no more breast feeding, no more nipples.  I have no lymph nodes in my arm pits so I have to forever worry about lymphedema (where your arms can swell up like a balloon) – thats just the physical sense.. oh and I have no hair for about 6 months…  my brain may have fogginess due to the chemotherapy treatments, i may have a heart disorder years from now due to the medicine doxyrubiacian (one of my chemo cocktails) have lovely scars in my armpits and on my breasts..

BUT… I have a new perspective on life and how precious it is.  Im stronger, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Everything and everyone is seen in a different light and I am thankful for this experience and to share it with you.  Do I get sad?? I did in the beginning and cried like a baby but those moments helped me to gain strength and accept what is happening.  My life line and support has been tremendous from the very moment I found that lovely lump to today.  Do I still get sad?  Not one bit.. only if I have to miss a workout I do. 🙂   so yes my life has changed and for the better forever. 

Im truly blessed and thank GOD for my life, HES also put the right  people in my life that have been there for me since day one. I THANK YOU ALL !!!




{Melanie’s Journal} The beginning…

Hello everyone!

First let me introduce myself… I’m Dahlia Deguzman Co, one of Lanie’s (family nickname for Melanie), first cousins and I’m honored to be one of her blog contributors in sharing with you all, her journey as she fights (and overcomes) Breast Cancer. As many of us who love and care for Lanie, we know that she will need all the love and support to help carry her through all the physical and emotional challenges that she will be faced with throughout her journey. From what she has shared with me, this unexpected event has changed her perspective and has given her a greater appreciation for life and for those who are close to her heart. It’s an unimaginable feeling to receive such a diagnosis as cancer and if there’s anything scarier then the uncertainty of your future, this is one of those situations. All of the sudden, you become a completely different person and your whole life changes in an instant. Whether or not you choose to remain despondent or hopeful, is up to that person and so far, Lanie has remained positive and determined to beat the odds and conquer this with faith, hope, and courage. It is such a blessing and an inspiration to many, to see her smile and rise up above it. It definitely isn’t easy, but she manages to keep going and living her life. Being surrounded by the love her friends and family, your positive thoughts and prayers, your texts, emails, and FB messages are what drives her to stay strong and uplifts her soul. So continue to pour out your love and encouragement whenever you can because she truly, deeply, appreciates each and every one.


Many probably wonder what she felt or thought when she first discovered the news. She has kept a journal and wrote about it from that very first day. Here are a few snapshots of her journal entries to date that she wanted to share with you all….

Actually, it wasn’t included in this batch of photos, but she also had 2 surgeries–a double mastectomy and also lymph node removal on her right side–which occurred prior to her chemotherapy treatment. Even after those surgeries, she recovered quickly and despite some side affects, she still was able to get back on her feet within a few weeks! More photos are on the way….

Thank you all for stopping by! We hope to keep this blog current as much as possible so that we can keep everyone updated on Lanie’s current progress and share with you all the beautiful bits and pieces of Lanie’s life…

Stay tuned and have a great day!